My Quotes

As a person who has been reading and following a lot of quotations since childhood, I am passionate about collecting quotes spoken or written by the great men who overcame their own difficulties and limitations. In fact, I have a dedicated folder for all these quotes on my PC. Whenever I wish to be encouraged, I go through this folder and read some of the best quotes – some of them catering to a particular scenario while others for giving me a boost of energy. As a reflection of some of these quotes, I recently compiled my thoughts – these are more of a reflection on my day-to-day and year-to-year experiences. I present to you some of the quotes (thoughts/reflections) which I believe are my own.

Top 4


ThAct = Thought + Act


Not even the tip!


Yes, an action plan.


As simple as that.

I hope you all enjoyed reading these quotes. Please do comment and share your ideas and thoughts on these.

~Thank you 🙂


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