Five Things Plaguing India’s Potential in Science, Technology and Research

You might be aware of the recent case of group of CSIR (Council of Scientific and Educational Research) scientists at Institute of Microbial Technology, Chandigarh, India, being caught in a case of furnishing fabricated data in research Papers. It comes as an insult for the scientific community to India.

If asked about 5 things that are plaguing India’s potential in Science, Technology and Research, I will give the following points:

  • In general, a paradigm shift from a scientific inclination (bent of mind) towards non-scientific pursuits- This point is contestable. Parents these days do not actually encourage their child/children to take up Science and Research as a career. Maybe they are aware of the plight of M.Sc.s and Ph.D.s in India demanding more pay, comparable to management graduates and B. Techs. All they want is : their child/children should be earning a 7-figure pay package after graduation.
100th Indian Science Congress
Kolkata: A boy displays a ‘Micro Air Vehicle’ at the ‘Children’s Science Congress’ during 100th Indian Science Congress, in Kolkata on Friday. PTI Photo
  • Questionable work ethics of the scientists or researchers: In all possibility, incidents like these from the same scientists, and others, might have gone unnoticed in the past. A student who can successfully forge lab data and readings to defend his/her thesis may try to do the same in his professional life.
Institute of Microbial Technology at Chandigarh, India
  • Significant brain drain of talent from India at all levels (post-intermediate, graduate, post-graduate, doctorate, etc.): loss of talents, who choose to leave India for a more prosperous and fulfilling future in their respective fields
Brain Drain or Brain in a Drain?
  • Lack of engagement with foreign institutions and agencies at the research level resulting in no or low accountability for local researchers
Education globalization
  • Lack of funds (such as, for procuring latest instruments) and incentives to successfully carry out the research work
Pipe dreams?

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